About the Project

MirrorMirror is an interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artist Dr Deirdre Feeney and quantum optical physicist Dr Geoff Campbell at the ANU Research School of Physics (RSP) exploring an innovative application of optics to generate a projected moving image. Deirdre will also work with technical staff at the RSP and use various digital fabrication tools at the ANU MakerSpace as part of the residency.

The project aims to demonstrate novel possibilities for creative applications of optics and enhancing viewer experience of witnessing the physical generation of a projected image. These aims will be guided by the collaborators’ combined interdisciplinary backgrounds (artist/maker & physicist/theorist) and iterative fabrication and testing of components throughout the project.

The starting point will be to investigate whether a projected moving image can be materially generated using a single image source and multiple mirror surfaces. The project will investigate how changing focal lengths on a variety of optically polished mirrored planes, embedded into an optical image system, can effect the transfer of light within the system and hence the projected image. Several different ways of doing this will be explored by using the RSP’s ultra-precision lathe, a high spec machine normally used to create optically finished components for telescopic and quantum physics research.

Exchange of diverse disciplinary knowledge and skills (theoretical, material, tacit, mathematical, digital fabrication, optics, image making, history of the moving image, optics and optical devices, optical software, viewer engagement) will also be a significant driving force for the direction of the project.